Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wooden Eggs

I saw something like this down at Roberts. They were doing a class on them for $20.00. Well being as cheap as I am I didn't need a class to tell me how to make them so I knew I could figure it out myself.

So I went down to The Wood Connection and bought my wooden egg. (You can go down there or order online)
I bought my wooden disks from The New Image Group.

Supplies needed
Wooden Egg
1 1/2" Wooden Disks
Scrapbook Paper
mode podge
Glue gun (depending on your embelishments)

1st I traced my wooden egg on my paper I was going to mode podge on it.

Then I mode podge the paper on to the egg

I traced my disks on the paper I was going to use for my spots. Cut them out and mode podge them on. You can save yourself time on the cutting if you have a 1" punch or unlike me can't find my 1" punch.

Once the top layer of mode podge dry I sanded the edges and then took brown ink and inked the edges and the top of the egg. I then did this to my spots.
I  cut my ribbon the width of the egg and hot glued my ribbon on. I think you could mode podge the
ribbon on to if you would like.

After that I hot glued my spots on. You don't have to use the wooden disks for the spots you can just
cut the paper out and mode podge the spots on but I liked the 3D effect.

And WALAAA you have your Easter Egg.

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  1. That super cute! I like the 3D effect too! I've never even heard of The Wood Connection. I'll check it out. Thanks!