Monday, March 8, 2010

Rag Wreaths

Much like the Rag Garlands these are super cute and way easy. I can't remember what site I found these on but Loved making it. I made one for Easter and Spring. I just used the left over fabric from my garlands so I used about 1/2 yard of 6-8 different fabrics to make both I think.
Supplies Needed.
Wire bare wreath (I found one of them at Michaels and then need a second
so I picked it up at JoAnns both places they were about $2.67
1/4 yard of 6-8 diffrent fabrics (more or less depending
on how many fabrics you use and how full you want it.)
With a 1/2 yard I fold it in half width wise.
Cut your fabric how ever long and wide you want

Tie your strips on the same way you would on the rag garland.
On my easter wreath I hot glued these easter eggs on it.
My sister found them at http://www.thewoodconnection.com/. They were .75 a piece I think.
Waaa Laaaa you have your wreath.

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