Sunday, March 21, 2010

Covered Tin

Well I have seen these all around and thought they should be cheap fairly easy to make. HMMM. Little mistaken on the easy part but they are fairly cheap. Karli came home and said she wanted to give her friend a gift so I thought this was the perfect time to try right. Hopefully the girls mom isn't really crafty and sees all my flaws. lol

Supplies Needed.
Tin (I got mine at DI-Desert Industries for $1.00)
Fabric/paper (if you use fabric go to Walmart theirs is cheap and works well for a project like this)
Mod Podge
Hot Glue Gun (I Beacame a pro with it in this project)

Take your tin and Mod podge one side and then start wrapping your fabric around it. Mod podging one side at a time as you go.
Onece you have all four sides completed or if it is round you have gone all the way around it should look something like this.
My next step was wrapping ribbion around the bottom. This I used the hot glue gun for.
Next I put ribbion on my handles and my top which I later took off the top and had to redo it because the lid wouldn't fit on. (plan ahead)
Like I said I took the top ribbion off and moved it down below the lid line so the lid would fit on.
Add your Embelishments. We did a G because her friends name starts with a G. I added some brads to the Handles so it would cover up some flaws.
Karli wanted a K on the back because they are Friends and she wanted a G for Greta and K for Karli.
For the lid.....
I decided I wanted a "cusion" on my lid so I got a piece of batting and hot glued it to the top of the lid.
Then I cut a peice of fabric to fit the top as well. Now here is where the lid got a little tricky the corners.
I glued the fabric on one side all the way around or at least till I came to the edge of the fabric.
Then I kind of tucked the corners like you would if you were gift wrapping a present. Then I glued it down and cut off the excess fabric.
More ribbion around the top to cover up the fabric flaws. and some more brads to cover up where the ribbion met.
And TA DA it is finished.

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