Wednesday, March 31, 2010

June's Lady Bug

Here is my finished lady bug I got from The Wood Connection. It came in a kit with a Flower for May, A lady bug for June, A uncle sam hat for July, and a sun for August.

Wooden Lady Bug- the wood connection
Red Paint
Black Paint
Paint brushes
Hot Glue gun
Paint your body and anntenas black. Once they are dry glue the anntenas in the holes.

Paint the back of your Lady bug Red. This I struggled with because I didn't like the color of red I was using. So after mixing it with a little black and a lot of layer of paints this is the color it turned out to be.
Next glue your back to the body of the lady bug. Cut your circles out of your ribbion and glue on to the back of your Lady Bug. Then you have a finished Lady Bug.

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