Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Things that must go/Dear so and so

I have to say I really love Texas Money's Post she says things so nicely when it is things that would really tick me off.

Dear hubby,

I love you dearly I truely do but just because I got a two hour break to power grocery shop by myself doesn't mean it was a real break and that I want to come home to a messier house than when I left. (still didn't think that was possiable) I don't want to carry in all the groceries all by myself and put them all away. While you sit on the couch and when I comment and say "its okay I will do this all by myself." I don't want to hear your reply of "well you didn't ask for help." That just gets my blood boiling even more and I really don't want to fight with you over something so silly. So please when you see I am doing something just jump in and help. I shouldn't have to ask 8 years and 4 kids later shouldn't you know when I need help.

Love you,
Your exhausted wife

Dear Wal-Mart Cashier,

When I come to your store to power shop it usually means I am on a time restraint and in a hurry. Now as I realize you don't know this and that it is my own fault for trying to get things done when I can do it without kids, I really do try to hurry so I have a enought time at the register so I don't have to stress as much. BUT when you ring my items through at 1 item/ every 2 minutes, I do think you can speed it up a little. Even if I was in a hurry I don't think that would be acceptable to me. So please try and speed it up.

In a hurry Customer.

Dear Mothers Day.

Please go away. Yes I said Please Go Away. I don't understand why we even have you. Although the concept is nice, A day off for all moms, A day of appreciation. A day of gratitude. Here is my issue, Even if it is my "day off" I still end up cooking the meal and cleaning it up and even if I don't cook it I will for sure end up cleaning it up and that hardly seems fair considering if I had cooked it myself I wouldn't have made as big of mess. I also feel that hey why not appreciate our mothers all year round and give mom a break all year round. Yep that means everyday. If we all work together to keep the house clean. take turns with meals and whatever else then mom won't be so tierd and exhausted all the time and would have more time to enjoy, relax and spend time with all the important things (like her children). Sorry but to pretend we appreciate our moms one day a year and the rest of the year we take advantage doesn't seem real to me.

Thanks for listening
just another mom

Monday, May 10, 2010

More Scrapbook Pages

Here are some other blank pages I just need to add pictures.

I absolutly loved how this set turned out and can't wait to add some pictures of my boys to it. I love the colors and everything about it.

25 Things I love about you

So I have been trying to get caught up on my scrapbooking but considering I have 4 kids who get in everything everytime I pull it out I am not getting very far, very fast but I have been able to get a few pages done without the pictures so here they are. Here are Payton and Ashtons 25 Things I love about you pages I have done. Every year I want to sit down and right down 25 things We all love about each one and then add a picture on the other side of the page. I had Karli even say some things that she loves about her siblings. Fun memories and warm fuzzies when they need it in the future.

If you are looking for some cute scrapbook ideas go check out

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She also has a shop where she sells things as well. She has a lot of really cute ideas.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Blooming Flowers

This is my Blooming Flowers page or pretty much experminting page and I liked how it turned out. I took Bottle Caps and put my kids pictures in the center. Then I took fower pettles and formed a flower with the bottle caps as the centers. I cut green "stems and leaves" out of green cardstock. Cut blue clouds out of blue cardstock and I had some crochet butterflys and smaller flowers I added for some more 3d effect. Pretty Simple page but I thought it turned out fun.

Teacher Appreciation

For Karli's Teacher for a thankyou for the end of the year we made her this little book.
6 x6 page protectors
Cardstock-We used cream, blue, red, yellow, green
2 binder rings
I made what you could call "chapters" The first one was why Karli loves Mrs. Hoffman.

Then I had Karli draw pictures of why she likes Mrs. Hoffman. Her first picture is she is a good teacher. The 2nd is because she is nice.

And her last picture in that chapter is because she is fun. The second chapter is What I've learned. Then she wrote what she has learned about. Mainly what they have learned in the last few weeks. Like "we have learned about the zoo" 

She wrote the they learned that animals lay eggs. We learned to count to 100. We have learned our ABCs. We have learned about turtles.                                                                We have Learned about Lions.
Our Next Chapter was about Silly Moments in Class.
She drew different times in class that she thought were funny. Then on the last page we put Thanks by: Karli and she wrote her name. I had her write as much as she could in her own words. Each picture she colored on a 6 x 4 cream paper and then she glued it to a colored piece of cardstock. So it would give it some color and boarder effect.  The "chapter" pages I cut out with my cricut and made a cover page with a 6 x 6 cream piece of cardstock.
For our last page we put a picture of Karli with some diffent embelishments.
I attached each of the page protectors with 2 binder rings and then tied different colors of ribbion on the binder rings.
I love how this project turned out and I hope Mrs. Hoffman Likes it to. I almost want to make another one for Karli to keep for herself so she has her own little memory book. We will see. I think if I make one for her I will put some of her pictures of diffrent things throughout the year in it to. I am going to get a few more things to go with it. Not real sure what yet but I will have to figure it out soon.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Well as you can see this morning my blog had a little overhaul done. I was getting a little board with the other so I need to change things up a little. I still need to do my little tags and things on the side but I like it better so far. What do you think?

Scrappy Gifts

Hey if you have time this weekend drop on over to Scrappy Gifts and check out her scrappy Saturday. She has got some really cute scrap book pages and if you are scrap book challenged like me it really helps to get some ideas.

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Weekend wrapp up

I am starting a link party called Weekend Wrap Up to share all your awesome ideas/projects. I am pretty new with this part so I hope I do it right. So come and join the fun and share what you have been working on. If you like post my  link http://journeyofabetterme.blogspot.com/ so others can come and join in on the fun and add to all the awesome ideas.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Heartland Paper company

I went to a really fun store today it's the Heartland Paper Company. Oh they had such cute stuff. They have plain colored cardstock that they are discontinuing that is .30 a sheet I think and this Saturday you get and extra 25% off your total order. Awesome Awesome Awesome. You can also order online and have it shipped to you. They have some really cute craft kits to make either in their classes or do them at home. But my major find of the day is the bottle caps. I don't know if you have seen the bottle cap necklaces or the bottle caps as the center of flower girls clips but they turn out so cute. Well after searching high and low for them I found there here and the best part they are only .10. WOW! Well happy crafting.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Things that must go/ Dear So and SO

So I was reading blogs this morning and found Texas Monkey's  way to be a cute nice way to pretty much say things that are bothreing us. Love it! If you live in Utah there is a radio station that is x96 with Keri, Bill, and Gina that they give their list of things that must go and I have loved it because all their "things" are spot on. They just don't say them as nice and as cute as Texas Monkey has. SO Here is my first Dear So and So or Thing that must go.

#1/ Dear Next Door Neighbor,

Annoying Neigbors. Although I realize that you moved in before me that doens't mean my yard is part of your yard. That is the glory of having yards. You can do what you want to your yard (like putting up a rock wall along the back of your property and the rocks rolling down and hitting my kids swing set without a complaint from me) and I can do what I want with mine, like putting up a fence, Oh YES I CAN DO THAT! Cutting down trees in MY yard. Especially when they are dead or hitting my roof top and tearing it apart. I would like to do this without hearing you saying lound enough for me to hear, "Oh no they are cutting down my trees." Let me clarify they are not your trees. They are mine. My yard. My trees! Oh and no I don't want your broken dog house that you are just to lazy to take to the dump so please leave your junk in your yard and not drag in down to my yard asking me if I want it and when I tell you no I don't you act put out and say you don't want to drag it up the hill. Well you shouldn't have dragged it down here to begin with. Right? 

Your annoyed Neighbor.

P.S. Please keep your vecious dog in your yard because if it trys to bite my son again, I don't think I would hesitate to kill it.

Garden Planted---Check

So I have been out of touch with reality but have been a very busy mama as of lately. With my 5 1/2 month old being sick for the last 2 months and just wants to be held I haven't been able to get a lot done so the little bit of free time I do have has been spent trying to get caught up on all the stuff I am getting behind on. But today we were able to finally break down and get the garden planted.

Last week we spent cleaning up the back yard and getting all the leaves raked up and burned. Down side off all of that is we had tilled the garden already and then burned all the leaves so we had to retil the garden but had to wait for it to dry out again since we got another storm in. Do you ever feel like you just go from one project to the next only to start back at the begining. Well that is about where I am at lately. Anyway the garden spot finally dried out enough for us to retill it and get it planted. Just in time to because as we were doing it another storm was brewing and the winds have really picked up tonight to send in the storm. PHEWWW.

I have had a little bit of time though to get my fence built or at least sit back and tell my hubby how to do it. When I get it completly decorated I will post pictures. Oh and of course the garden.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Branches and Trees

So we are finally getting a good start to cleaning up and redoing and making our back yard look better. We are going to start cutting some trees down and cutting up the trees that are already down on the ground and dead. Any Ideas on what to do with it all? I am trying to think of every creative idea I got and nothing.

Friday, April 9, 2010

5 min for mom blog party

Hey everyone from Ultimate Blog Party 2010 welcome my little piece of cyber space that gives me that little break in the day every now and again. I just recently started doing the whole blogging thing, mainly for my own sanity. I say this because after having my 4th baby in November and having 3 of the 4 in diapers things get pretty crazy around here. I needed something to give me a mental break from everything at the end of the day.
 As I saw some crafts and things I kept thinking, I can make that for a whole lot cheaper. Being on a budget I am always looking for a great deal. So I started doing diffrent things now I am addicted to crafting, scrapbooking, cooking, quilting, blogging and the list goes on. So this was my way to journal it I guess and share it with friends, family and those friends I haven't met yet.
In my blog you can find anything from recipes, home med remidies, Great bargins I have found and the biggest thing on here is cheap ways to make your own crafts. I am not a very crafty person but I am learning.  I hope you enjoy looking through my blog and maybe get an idea or find something you like.
OH and as for the prizes I would like to win at this point any prize is good right. But hey being a mommy of 4 kids so yes something for them to play with would be awesome (not that they don't have enough toys) but something for me would be even better. (not being selfish here)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Mothers brag Book-Or whatever else you would like to use it for

Alright everyone I am so exctied to post this project because I was so excited to do it. I am not trying to not give credit where it is deserved but I am not sure the blog I found this on but I do know it came from either Someday Crafts or Somewhat Simple on one of their craft swap days where everyone can post their diffrent stuff they did. If I need step by step instructions I print it off so I have the link but if I figure I can do it myself I don't.
My biggest reason for being excited to do this project is because it solves one of my biggest problems/irritation. Wallet size pictures. I know weird huh. But for a long long long time now I am so frustrated for with wallet size pictures. They are never the right size you always have to cut them down to fit in you little picture wallet things that come with your wallet. By the time you get it cut down half your picture is missing. Then they never provide enough picture holders. I think my wallet right now has 4. Well my four kids, my family picture, my picture of my hubby and me, well the list goes on and on. With this you still have to cut it down but not near as much and you can have as many as you want or as many as the binder ring will fit. I made this one for me and we are going to make one for Karli of course (she has to have everything I have) so she can put pictures of her friends or her sibblings in it. I am going to make one for Payton, Ashton, and Kalin for church to keep them quite. It should work for maybe 10 min if I am lucky. They are perfect to put in your purse, backpack, desk at work, almost anywhere to show off your kids, family, dogs, cars, cats and any other weird things you want to show off.

So here you go.

Supplies Needed
Name Badge Holder- Walmart for I think 2.68 for twelve sleves
Binder ring
Scrapbook Paper

Simple just put your binder ring through the holes of the name badge holders. Tie ribbion on your binder ring. Make a cute cover page with your scrapbook paper. Wala under 5 minutes and under $5.00. Awesome Deal.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

August's Sun

Here is my flower for May that came in my kit from The Wood Connection. I got a flower for May, A lady bug for June, An uncle sam hat for July and a sun for August. They have 3 diffrent kits with a wood decoration to go along with each month. I got the May, June, July, August, because that is the months that are coming up and I need some summer decorations.

Supplies Needed
Sun-The Wood Connection
Yellow Paint
Red paint
Glue Gun
paper towels

Well I started out with just plain yellow and well it just wasn't looking how I wanted it to so I got creative I guesss you could say and....

I took a paper towel and dipped it in my red paint. The first layer I put on smudged it in after with another paper towel. Then my 2nd layer I did more of a sponge method on it.  I do have to say I love how it turned out.

May Flower

Here is my flower for May that came in my kit from The Wood Connection. I got a flower for May, A lady bug for June, An uncle sam hat for July and a sun for August. They have 3 diffrent kits with a wood decoration to go along with each month. I got the May, June, July, August, because that is the months that are coming up and I need some summer decorations. It is an awesome store that if you can go down there I would say go. There is so much to see and you will want to do it all. If you can't make it down order online.

Supplies Needed
Wood Flower-The Wood Connection
Red Paint
White Paint
Yellow Paint
Paint Brushes

First I painted the flower red. Since that wasn't looking just right for me I took the end of a pencil and dipped it in white paint and then added the white dots. Well that still wasn't "enough" for me so I took the pointy end of the pencil and dipped it in yellow paint and put it in the center of the white paint. I know from a far off distance you wont see the yellow dots but I still think it adds something to the flower.

June's Lady Bug

Here is my finished lady bug I got from The Wood Connection. It came in a kit with a Flower for May, A lady bug for June, A uncle sam hat for July, and a sun for August.

Wooden Lady Bug- the wood connection
Red Paint
Black Paint
Paint brushes
Hot Glue gun
Paint your body and anntenas black. Once they are dry glue the anntenas in the holes.

Paint the back of your Lady bug Red. This I struggled with because I didn't like the color of red I was using. So after mixing it with a little black and a lot of layer of paints this is the color it turned out to be.
Next glue your back to the body of the lady bug. Cut your circles out of your ribbion and glue on to the back of your Lady Bug. Then you have a finished Lady Bug.


Yeah I know it is to early for Halloween but as soon as I saw these I had to make them. I can't remember where I found the idea but as soon as I find it I will post the link or if any of you know who it is give me a heads up. (Ha HaHa After some searching I found the link Inspiring Creations) Anyway here it is my tutorial.

Supplies Needed

2 Terricotta Pots
White paint
White fabric
Googlie Eyes
Brown ink pad
Hot Glue Gun
Paint your pots white.

Then Hot Glue your pots bottoms together

Glue your googlie Eyes just below the rim of the pot. Then wrap your pots in white fabric giving them the Mummy like effect. Use your hot glue gun to glue in the spots you need to to hold the fabric in place. Then take your ink pad and kind of ink your fabric. This will give it the older look that your mummy needs.
Because I didn't like the small google eyes I took them off and put the larger ones on. I liked it a lot better.

Easy Chocolete Cream Pie

Alright I know for probally all of you this is a given but the other night I did this and it was Yummy...

Graham Cracker crust- yes I used the ready made ones from keebler
Instant/cook and serve chocolete cream pudding- Poor on top of the graham cracker crust
Cool Whip- Put on top of the pudding
Top with Heath/score bar

Monday, March 29, 2010

Quick and Yummy Sugar Cookies

I have been looking for the cake mix cookie recipe forever. Well the gals over at Sister's Stuff helped me out.
1 white cake mix
2 eggs
1/3 c veggi oil
Mix together. Now I had to add a little water because mine were to dry. I dropped spoonfuls on a sprayed cookie sheet. Bake at 350 for 6-8 minutes.
I sprinkled sprinkles on the top cookies befor I cooked them. but I am sure you can frost them to.

Samon and Asparagus

I would like to say that this was all completely from scratch but the rice is just rice-a-roni. I know I know how hard is rice right well with 4 kids and running around that came easiest.
As for the Samon I was going to be brave and try a new recipe I saw on Good Things Utah for pouched Samon but when I went to make and look at the recipe it wanted Sunny D and well I didn't have any and wasn't going to drive back to the store for some so I turned it over to my hubby and well with a little of this and little of that (literly that is what he does) we had some grilled samon.
Now the Asparagus... I love Asparagus problem is I don't really know how to cook it so it turns out just right until I found this recipe about a year ago and it is quick and easy.
Baked Asparagus
Take a casserole dish spray with pam/non stick cooking spray.
1 bunch of Asparagus
2 tbsp of Olive oil
2 cloves of minced garlic
Parmasan Cheese
Lay your Asparagus in the bottom of your pan
poor olive oil and garlic over the asparagus and then toss around so that all the Asparagus is covered.
Bake at 350 for about 25 min. on the last five minutes sprinkle with parmasan cheese.

 Now for daves other specialty that went with our meal
He loves to dip bread in oils and vinegars so we had our two oils and viniger and since we didn't have any special bread he toasted our regular wheat bread  and we just dipped it in that.