Saturday, March 27, 2010

Uncle Sam Hat

I got this in my kit I bought atThe Wood Connection. They have these kits where you one decoration for each month. Each kit encludes 4 months. So you have Jan-April, May-August, Sept-Dec. This one is the May-August kit obviously and the Uncle Sam's hat is for July. You can go into Here and see how they have decorated theirs and see what else comes in the May- August kit. I just haven't got the others done yet.

So here is what I did for the Hat.
First I cut my strips of fabric the width that I wanted. I used my fabric cutter and board just to make sure they were straight and all the same width.

Then I lined them up and mod podge the first color on.

Then I went on to my second layer of fabric. Now the fabric I was using was some fabric I have had for a couple of years now and was already cut into 4 x4 squares so I had to piece some together a little bit.
That is what is was looking like when I got the first two layers on.
Now for the third layer of fabric.

Then of course I added my stars and antiqued it up a little bit to give it a little charecter.
Then I painted some small stars and hot glued them to some wire, drilled a whole in the top put some glue in the whole and stuck the end of the wires in And dum de dum... I have my uncle sam hat. I may add some glitter or something to the stars comming out of the hat. I just feel like they are missing something.

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