Sunday, March 21, 2010

Indoor Smores

Maybe I have been living in the dark ages but I really have never had these and never thought of them. Then one night for a quick easy family home evening treat I put some Otis Spunkemyer (no clue how to spell that) already made frozen dough chocolete chip cookies from Costco in the oven. I asked Dave to take them out for some reason probally busy with the kiddios and well by the time he was done he had a nice suprise for me and a new addiction. INDOOR SMORES.

Take your cookies (you can make them from scratch) and bake them like normal.A few minutes before they are done take them out of the oven and top with Marshmellows. You can use one big one or a few small ones. Let the marshmellow warm up and get a little big and pull them out. Dave took his little burner thing and ran it across the marshmellow to turn it a little brown but when I make them I go for the quick and easy and just let them be. Then you have a very yummy quick treat. I guess he had these all the time when he was growing up but for me this was my first time.

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