Wednesday, March 31, 2010

May Flower

Here is my flower for May that came in my kit from The Wood Connection. I got a flower for May, A lady bug for June, An uncle sam hat for July and a sun for August. They have 3 diffrent kits with a wood decoration to go along with each month. I got the May, June, July, August, because that is the months that are coming up and I need some summer decorations. It is an awesome store that if you can go down there I would say go. There is so much to see and you will want to do it all. If you can't make it down order online.

Supplies Needed
Wood Flower-The Wood Connection
Red Paint
White Paint
Yellow Paint
Paint Brushes

First I painted the flower red. Since that wasn't looking just right for me I took the end of a pencil and dipped it in white paint and then added the white dots. Well that still wasn't "enough" for me so I took the pointy end of the pencil and dipped it in yellow paint and put it in the center of the white paint. I know from a far off distance you wont see the yellow dots but I still think it adds something to the flower.

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