Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Yeah I know it is to early for Halloween but as soon as I saw these I had to make them. I can't remember where I found the idea but as soon as I find it I will post the link or if any of you know who it is give me a heads up. (Ha HaHa After some searching I found the link Inspiring Creations) Anyway here it is my tutorial.

Supplies Needed

2 Terricotta Pots
White paint
White fabric
Googlie Eyes
Brown ink pad
Hot Glue Gun
Paint your pots white.

Then Hot Glue your pots bottoms together

Glue your googlie Eyes just below the rim of the pot. Then wrap your pots in white fabric giving them the Mummy like effect. Use your hot glue gun to glue in the spots you need to to hold the fabric in place. Then take your ink pad and kind of ink your fabric. This will give it the older look that your mummy needs.
Because I didn't like the small google eyes I took them off and put the larger ones on. I liked it a lot better.

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