Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Things that must go/Dear so and so

I have to say I really love Texas Money's Post she says things so nicely when it is things that would really tick me off.

Dear hubby,

I love you dearly I truely do but just because I got a two hour break to power grocery shop by myself doesn't mean it was a real break and that I want to come home to a messier house than when I left. (still didn't think that was possiable) I don't want to carry in all the groceries all by myself and put them all away. While you sit on the couch and when I comment and say "its okay I will do this all by myself." I don't want to hear your reply of "well you didn't ask for help." That just gets my blood boiling even more and I really don't want to fight with you over something so silly. So please when you see I am doing something just jump in and help. I shouldn't have to ask 8 years and 4 kids later shouldn't you know when I need help.

Love you,
Your exhausted wife

Dear Wal-Mart Cashier,

When I come to your store to power shop it usually means I am on a time restraint and in a hurry. Now as I realize you don't know this and that it is my own fault for trying to get things done when I can do it without kids, I really do try to hurry so I have a enought time at the register so I don't have to stress as much. BUT when you ring my items through at 1 item/ every 2 minutes, I do think you can speed it up a little. Even if I was in a hurry I don't think that would be acceptable to me. So please try and speed it up.

In a hurry Customer.

Dear Mothers Day.

Please go away. Yes I said Please Go Away. I don't understand why we even have you. Although the concept is nice, A day off for all moms, A day of appreciation. A day of gratitude. Here is my issue, Even if it is my "day off" I still end up cooking the meal and cleaning it up and even if I don't cook it I will for sure end up cleaning it up and that hardly seems fair considering if I had cooked it myself I wouldn't have made as big of mess. I also feel that hey why not appreciate our mothers all year round and give mom a break all year round. Yep that means everyday. If we all work together to keep the house clean. take turns with meals and whatever else then mom won't be so tierd and exhausted all the time and would have more time to enjoy, relax and spend time with all the important things (like her children). Sorry but to pretend we appreciate our moms one day a year and the rest of the year we take advantage doesn't seem real to me.

Thanks for listening
just another mom

Monday, May 10, 2010

More Scrapbook Pages

Here are some other blank pages I just need to add pictures.

I absolutly loved how this set turned out and can't wait to add some pictures of my boys to it. I love the colors and everything about it.

25 Things I love about you

So I have been trying to get caught up on my scrapbooking but considering I have 4 kids who get in everything everytime I pull it out I am not getting very far, very fast but I have been able to get a few pages done without the pictures so here they are. Here are Payton and Ashtons 25 Things I love about you pages I have done. Every year I want to sit down and right down 25 things We all love about each one and then add a picture on the other side of the page. I had Karli even say some things that she loves about her siblings. Fun memories and warm fuzzies when they need it in the future.

If you are looking for some cute scrapbook ideas go check out

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She also has a shop where she sells things as well. She has a lot of really cute ideas.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Blooming Flowers

This is my Blooming Flowers page or pretty much experminting page and I liked how it turned out. I took Bottle Caps and put my kids pictures in the center. Then I took fower pettles and formed a flower with the bottle caps as the centers. I cut green "stems and leaves" out of green cardstock. Cut blue clouds out of blue cardstock and I had some crochet butterflys and smaller flowers I added for some more 3d effect. Pretty Simple page but I thought it turned out fun.

Teacher Appreciation

For Karli's Teacher for a thankyou for the end of the year we made her this little book.
6 x6 page protectors
Cardstock-We used cream, blue, red, yellow, green
2 binder rings
I made what you could call "chapters" The first one was why Karli loves Mrs. Hoffman.

Then I had Karli draw pictures of why she likes Mrs. Hoffman. Her first picture is she is a good teacher. The 2nd is because she is nice.

And her last picture in that chapter is because she is fun. The second chapter is What I've learned. Then she wrote what she has learned about. Mainly what they have learned in the last few weeks. Like "we have learned about the zoo" 

She wrote the they learned that animals lay eggs. We learned to count to 100. We have learned our ABCs. We have learned about turtles.                                                                We have Learned about Lions.
Our Next Chapter was about Silly Moments in Class.
She drew different times in class that she thought were funny. Then on the last page we put Thanks by: Karli and she wrote her name. I had her write as much as she could in her own words. Each picture she colored on a 6 x 4 cream paper and then she glued it to a colored piece of cardstock. So it would give it some color and boarder effect.  The "chapter" pages I cut out with my cricut and made a cover page with a 6 x 6 cream piece of cardstock.
For our last page we put a picture of Karli with some diffent embelishments.
I attached each of the page protectors with 2 binder rings and then tied different colors of ribbion on the binder rings.
I love how this project turned out and I hope Mrs. Hoffman Likes it to. I almost want to make another one for Karli to keep for herself so she has her own little memory book. We will see. I think if I make one for her I will put some of her pictures of diffrent things throughout the year in it to. I am going to get a few more things to go with it. Not real sure what yet but I will have to figure it out soon.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Well as you can see this morning my blog had a little overhaul done. I was getting a little board with the other so I need to change things up a little. I still need to do my little tags and things on the side but I like it better so far. What do you think?

Scrappy Gifts

Hey if you have time this weekend drop on over to Scrappy Gifts and check out her scrappy Saturday. She has got some really cute scrap book pages and if you are scrap book challenged like me it really helps to get some ideas.

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