Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Patricks Day

Here is the kiddios pot of gold at the end of their rainbow and treasure hunt.
I found the Pot of Gold idea on Love Actually. Another one of my favorite blogs. I decided not only to do one for my wonderful hubby but also my kids. For the kids though we are sending them on a treasure hunt with a map. Here is how my pots and posters turned out. I will post pictures later of the kiddios on their treasure hunt.

Supplies needed.
Terricota Pot
Black spray paint

1st I spray painted the pots black. Next I added ribbion on the top rim.
I did add some flowers where the ends of the ribbion met.
Then add your rolos.
To make your poster cut out some hearts, create a rainbow on some white cardstock and then put your
pot of gold "at the end of the rainbow."
Add some catchy phrase. (although mine isn't so catchy)

This is my hubby's pot of gold

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