Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Things that must go/ Dear So and SO

So I was reading blogs this morning and found Texas Monkey's  way to be a cute nice way to pretty much say things that are bothreing us. Love it! If you live in Utah there is a radio station that is x96 with Keri, Bill, and Gina that they give their list of things that must go and I have loved it because all their "things" are spot on. They just don't say them as nice and as cute as Texas Monkey has. SO Here is my first Dear So and So or Thing that must go.

#1/ Dear Next Door Neighbor,

Annoying Neigbors. Although I realize that you moved in before me that doens't mean my yard is part of your yard. That is the glory of having yards. You can do what you want to your yard (like putting up a rock wall along the back of your property and the rocks rolling down and hitting my kids swing set without a complaint from me) and I can do what I want with mine, like putting up a fence, Oh YES I CAN DO THAT! Cutting down trees in MY yard. Especially when they are dead or hitting my roof top and tearing it apart. I would like to do this without hearing you saying lound enough for me to hear, "Oh no they are cutting down my trees." Let me clarify they are not your trees. They are mine. My yard. My trees! Oh and no I don't want your broken dog house that you are just to lazy to take to the dump so please leave your junk in your yard and not drag in down to my yard asking me if I want it and when I tell you no I don't you act put out and say you don't want to drag it up the hill. Well you shouldn't have dragged it down here to begin with. Right? 

Your annoyed Neighbor.

P.S. Please keep your vecious dog in your yard because if it trys to bite my son again, I don't think I would hesitate to kill it.

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  1. OMG and I thought I had annoying neighbors with loud music, you poor thing. I enjoyed reading your Dear So and So, thanks for linking to me!