Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Things that must go/Dear so and so

I have to say I really love Texas Money's Post she says things so nicely when it is things that would really tick me off.

Dear hubby,

I love you dearly I truely do but just because I got a two hour break to power grocery shop by myself doesn't mean it was a real break and that I want to come home to a messier house than when I left. (still didn't think that was possiable) I don't want to carry in all the groceries all by myself and put them all away. While you sit on the couch and when I comment and say "its okay I will do this all by myself." I don't want to hear your reply of "well you didn't ask for help." That just gets my blood boiling even more and I really don't want to fight with you over something so silly. So please when you see I am doing something just jump in and help. I shouldn't have to ask 8 years and 4 kids later shouldn't you know when I need help.

Love you,
Your exhausted wife

Dear Wal-Mart Cashier,

When I come to your store to power shop it usually means I am on a time restraint and in a hurry. Now as I realize you don't know this and that it is my own fault for trying to get things done when I can do it without kids, I really do try to hurry so I have a enought time at the register so I don't have to stress as much. BUT when you ring my items through at 1 item/ every 2 minutes, I do think you can speed it up a little. Even if I was in a hurry I don't think that would be acceptable to me. So please try and speed it up.

In a hurry Customer.

Dear Mothers Day.

Please go away. Yes I said Please Go Away. I don't understand why we even have you. Although the concept is nice, A day off for all moms, A day of appreciation. A day of gratitude. Here is my issue, Even if it is my "day off" I still end up cooking the meal and cleaning it up and even if I don't cook it I will for sure end up cleaning it up and that hardly seems fair considering if I had cooked it myself I wouldn't have made as big of mess. I also feel that hey why not appreciate our mothers all year round and give mom a break all year round. Yep that means everyday. If we all work together to keep the house clean. take turns with meals and whatever else then mom won't be so tierd and exhausted all the time and would have more time to enjoy, relax and spend time with all the important things (like her children). Sorry but to pretend we appreciate our moms one day a year and the rest of the year we take advantage doesn't seem real to me.

Thanks for listening
just another mom

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  1. Oh these are great Dear So and Sos, I love the one about oh you didn't ask for help! That one gets my blood boiling too, really? I need to ask, you can't just look up and observe that help is needed?