Friday, May 7, 2010

Teacher Appreciation

For Karli's Teacher for a thankyou for the end of the year we made her this little book.
6 x6 page protectors
Cardstock-We used cream, blue, red, yellow, green
2 binder rings
I made what you could call "chapters" The first one was why Karli loves Mrs. Hoffman.

Then I had Karli draw pictures of why she likes Mrs. Hoffman. Her first picture is she is a good teacher. The 2nd is because she is nice.

And her last picture in that chapter is because she is fun. The second chapter is What I've learned. Then she wrote what she has learned about. Mainly what they have learned in the last few weeks. Like "we have learned about the zoo" 

She wrote the they learned that animals lay eggs. We learned to count to 100. We have learned our ABCs. We have learned about turtles.                                                                We have Learned about Lions.
Our Next Chapter was about Silly Moments in Class.
She drew different times in class that she thought were funny. Then on the last page we put Thanks by: Karli and she wrote her name. I had her write as much as she could in her own words. Each picture she colored on a 6 x 4 cream paper and then she glued it to a colored piece of cardstock. So it would give it some color and boarder effect.  The "chapter" pages I cut out with my cricut and made a cover page with a 6 x 6 cream piece of cardstock.
For our last page we put a picture of Karli with some diffent embelishments.
I attached each of the page protectors with 2 binder rings and then tied different colors of ribbion on the binder rings.
I love how this project turned out and I hope Mrs. Hoffman Likes it to. I almost want to make another one for Karli to keep for herself so she has her own little memory book. We will see. I think if I make one for her I will put some of her pictures of diffrent things throughout the year in it to. I am going to get a few more things to go with it. Not real sure what yet but I will have to figure it out soon.


  1. I'm a teacher, so I hope this comment counts double-that album is so sweet! I love the colors, and the ribbons, and the sweet idea all together!

  2. Thanks you two. I am so glad a teacher likes it. I am a little nervous to give it to her. I hope she likes it as much as I do. :) I like that Karli made most of it and it is personal from her and that it wasn't all me making it. Watch the next couple of weeks and I am going to make a few more for different reasons. Hope they turn out just as nice.

  3. This is such a cute idea. You are going to make the teacher cry.